Aug 30, 2015


“You can’t constantly be who you were yesterday, you need to change. You need to improve. You need to re-evaluate your every characteristic and behaviours. If you’re polite, get more polite. If you get annoyed easily, increase your patience. If you’re lazy, start doing more. If you’re missing Fajr, start sleeping earlier. If you’re gossiping, stop talking. Just improve. Sincerely, for the sake of Allah. Don’t stay the same. Change. Change.”

If you feel like you want to change into a better person but at the same time you feel that Allah will not forgive you, you are totally wrong because ;

Hence, try to improve your ibadah ; read Quran everyday, zikr after solah and sadaqah to those who needs. In shaa Allah, you're a step closer to Him.

Being born in the state of Islam, you're totally lucky because Islam is a beautiful religion. It's your duty to keep practising Islam in your life and get Allah's mercy. 

You and me; we have to keep changing into a better muslim in order to gain Jannah. May Allah ease all of us. Amiinn..

I searched for happiness and I found Allah.❤

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